Software QA Testing

Testing your software for the enhancement of your business

Our Software Testing services focus primarily on meeting the end user satisfaction for improved functionality by testing the applications against a defined set of specifications. The software testing services is an assurance and a validation service that puts you forward and face to face with your business goals. The services ensure that there is an overall improvement in the quality, and reduces all probable business risks. By accelerating the time-to-market, there is an improvement in control and clear visibility of the product. This increases the utilization and operational efficiencies, thereby increasing the end user satisfaction.

Choosing a1qa as your software testing company

We have more than seven hundred skilled and highly qualified engineers to assist in testing that your organization is providing the best possible service or products to its consumers. Our QA Engineers focus on improving the processes to deliver quality products to the customer. We are in this business for more than fifteen years, giving our engineers the skills and expertise to handle projects with complex business logic.

The software testing process: The complete phase

The entire procedure which is followed in the organization is evaluated and improved on regular periods of interval. We do thorough testing of the strategy, plan and then case design of the organization. Once tested, we check for any defects by using various tools available. Our work is not done yet. Testing the data preparation and planning the execution of the whole process is also part of our job. We double check our process by checking on the quality reviews by the stakeholders.

Our Testing skills and services

Our testing services involve behavioral testing of both the mobile application and the desktop browser system. The functionality, usability, and compatibility are checked along with different platforms to ensure optimum functionality. Apart from behavioral testing, we do a thorough analysis of the structural and performance of the software. This involves, unit testing of the code which is developed by the developers. To enhance the performance of the software, performance tuning services are also done. Test Automation involves script writing and usages of the Automation tools to the fullest, by consulting in Automation feasibility. To be precise we test every section of the program to ensure optimum results.

Our Software Testing Process

Our software testing process involves behavioral testing, structural testing, and performance testing. These testings are done manually as well as with the help of automated testing software.