Test automation framework

Our solution doesn’t replace your existing infrastructure. It gets integrated with your toolchain to yield efficient results. It boosts up the testing speed, quality, performance, and proves to be cost-effective, which ultimately betters the performance on all fronts. Our automation solutions provide you with comprehensive outcomes with Stress training, Performance training, Code reviews, Testnet, Security audit, Scalability testing, Integrity Testing, and Compliance testing. Thus, our clients get best-in-class service in terms of time, effort, and quality.

Automated tests in the delivery pipeline help you have the best of results with open source tools.

Integration across the DevOps toolchain helps the developers, testers, and business units alike in getting appropriate visibility.

Get speedy releases with better end-to-end tests, working with various teams, projects, and applications.

Automated testing provides the required detection and mitigation to the core end-to-end business transactions.

Helps you scale test automation so that it helps manage, schedule, and report on the automated tests with a single interface.

You don’t need expensive performance labs to carry out load tests. It gets extremely simplified with us, to an extent that any tester can carry it out.

Yes, you don’t need anything else for further testing, as we have the complete solution for you.

It doesn’t matter which browser you are working with; we keep you sorted.

With live simulation and testing on various devices, everything at one stop.

Provides integration with CI servers, issuing of tracking tools, etc.

AI Chatbot

Chatbots have become the way to go for almost all mainstream online businesses. Not only they handle customer issues quickly and efficiently, but they also help cut the costs of hiring employees catering to the job. With the ever-increasing demand of conversational experts who don’t only converse with the customers but also generate efficient results, the demand for advanced chatbots has increased as well. With our chatbots, it becomes easy to interpret complex language, context-specific conversation, with greater consistency and corrections. NLP and advances machine learning makes the structure have better efficiency and maintain the stability of the chatbot systems. Machine learning algorithms allow you to adjust these bots according to your preferences. The moment when it becomes tough for the bots to handle the customer queries, the control gets transferred to an agent who would be ready to deal with customers. This way, you can deal with all the high-volume questions, thus leaving only the quality questions to your agents. Thus, you get automated conversations on your fingertips.

Marketing Follow Up System

Lead generation is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sales is one such area of expertise which requires

a lot of patience and effort. Add to that the hassle of maintaining a good follow up, and it

becomes a tough nut to crack. You can’t expect a bunch of employees to manually generate

leads and process results quickly. Well, there are certain algorithms which make it relatively

easy for the system to process the leads and generate favorable outcomes. For example,

sending clients personalized emails is something you can make the system do. You just need to

feed the details of all the clients/leads in a system and rush it through the system so that each

recipient gets the email.

Our customizable and efficient follow up system is one of the best in the business. It helps you target the right customers at the right point in time so that you can deliver customized emails (or contact them using other means) with necessary details which establish an instant connect with the client. It boosts up your conversion ratio and helps you get positive results.

E-Commerce Recommendation Engine

Appropriate recommendations to appropriate clients can do wonders to your sales and lead generation. Recommendations are the means of generating instant results if it clicks at the right moment. You just need to improvise and adapt to various client patterns in order to generate proper recommendations which would vary according to the taste, choice, and liking of the customer. Our engines help you carry recommendations through all the channels of communications, including web apps and emails so that there can be a maximum possibility of clients reverting to them. Well, the key to proper recommendations is knowing the clients well. Our recommender uses important behavioral, purchase, and location data to produce the most suitable recommendations. All these aspects contribute to predicting what the customers like and what the best recommendations would be. Everything can be tapped by taking the user’s actions into account, and that’s what our recommender does. When the user logs in once again and sees their favorite stuff in the recommendations, it makes them have a fulfilling online shopping experience. In the era where terabytes of data being transmitted on a daily basis, customer personalization does have a great impact on your sales and lead generation.   

The predictability of advanced machine learning algorithms from our recommendation engine has made it easy for the systems to generate recommendations and enhance user engagement, which contributes to users having a seamless experience.

Search and activity data are instantly deployed from every user, leveraging their real-time purchase behavior, browsing history, and more

Involves generating suitable recommendations for the right pages, according to the page the user is surfing. It also retrieves data according to the duration the user has visited the sites and generates recommendations according to the same

The relevance of recommendations keeps changing and our system adapts according to the changing demands in the market.

Be it your home page, the cart box, or anywhere you want to, you can easily place the recommendations.

You can incorporate various recommendation techniques to form your own mechanism which would suit your need.

With such detailing in its mechanism, the APIs indeed act powerfully.

Flexible, easy to use engine helps you get the best of results which updates in real time.

We have recommendations for both server and client side to help you out in both the cases.

With its dynamic yield, it becomes easy to ingest and handle large feeds with millions of product SKUs so that they power useful recommendations.

You can upload multiple product feeds within a single account so that it harnesses all the inventory data for ideal recommendations.

The recommendation elements can be optimized as per need, be it the layout, design recommendation strategy, location, widgets header, or anything as such.

Multi-armed bandit allocations help in automated traffic allocation and optimization to maximize the results.

There is a wide variety of algorithms to choose from, like automated, similarity, viewed and purchased together, popularity, recently purchased or viewed collaborative filtering and more.

With every information being updated in real time, it indeed processes the feeds faster and gives you better results.

You can embed your recommendation widgets on CSS selectors without even touching the source code.

Ready to use innovative templates would surely make you get going.

Ensures smooth processing and helps scale your recommendation campaign.

With the dynamic field being completely CMS agnostic, it supports all carts. It was built an open-ended platform.

Native Mobile Application

Smartphones have undoubtedly taken over the world with their usability and ease of access. Therefore, having a website which doesn’t shift itself according to mobile devices is rather a risk taken. Developing mobile apps for your online business has become one of the most important steps if you want to have complete assurance of the best effort. With our app development services where the app embarks upon a journey from concept to completion, we focus on every aspect, small and big alike. Be it building prototypes or minimum viable products, we help you out in every aspect of the game. We can help you build apps using Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, or JavaScript.

With our expertise in JavaScript and React combined, React Native can help build intelligent native mobile apps.

Ionic is used to build efficient hybrid mobile apps to offer a seamless experience across devices.

Giving the users a choice to tailor the UI for specific devices is a good option. Also, you get access to Beautiful, accessible, platform-native UI.

Free plugins, templates, and application samples help users out in your job as it is quite extensible. Also, you get 100% direct access to all iOS and Android APIs.

Helps you develop native apps using Javascript, CSS, and native UI markup.

Easy to use across multiple platforms whether it is android or IOS.

Working with a popular technology helps you get a good pool of people to raise questions too.