Mobile Application Development

Get an edge over with Mobile Technology

It is quite evident in our daily practices how people are enthusiastically interacting with different brands on their mobile devices and why not? Mobile provides a network of channels that enables companies to reach their customers. Mobile devices provide a platform for speedy and quality conversion rates. With people spending more time on mobile than ever before, businesses can reach their customers way more effectively. Researches have confirmed that the majority of mobile searches have led to purchase. Mobile metrics are easy to measure, and their conversation and success rates are higher than any other medium of marketing ever before.

What do we do?

Our “On Demand” approach allows technology scalability for clients of all sizes. In this domain, we mainly work in the mentioned fields.

Mobile Consulting & Strategy

    • Understanding business requirements and identifying solutions
    • Product planning and management
    • Domain consulting
    • Execution strategies and release
Mobile App Development
    • For Windows, IOS, Android
    • Symbian/ Ovi
    • J2ME platforms
    • SMS based apps and USSD

Mobility Assessment

    • End-user profiling
    • Mobility platform strategy
    • Platform release plans
    • Execution strategies and release

Mobile App deployment

    • Apple play store
    • Android play store
    • Windows store
    • Symbian mobile- Direct deployment
    • USSD and SMS Gateway Integration

Mobile Application Development

We offer solutions that are customized to your needs and ensure smooth integration with existing systems and content management systems.

  • For clients- We provide customized services along with convenient access to company services and websites from mobile devices. Marketing channels through mobile apps are a necessity that is also taken care of.
  • Advance usage- We design work tools used to access corporate documents, information and functionality which enhances business.
  • Mobile platforms for development- We provide platform-specific using control with adjustments in browsers, native and hybrid for iPhone/ iPad and Android. Integration with built-in smartphone features like GPS, contacts, orientation, and rotation can also be employed.


Features that enable greater engagement and overall a different feel and experience.

  • 2D/3D Augmented Reality, Visual Search and Manage Bot for better user experience.
  • In-Store Mode, ApplePay/Amazon Pay, Push Notification for user convenience.
  • Geo/ Store Locator, image Recognition, Barcode Scanning and iBeacon with Indoor Navigation are some applications that come very handy.

Mobile Application Development

To meet the demands and need of mobile-centric enterprises we provide.

  • Mobile app development- native, hybrid, Web, hybrid-Web and progressive Web
  • Demonstrated Android & iOS expertise and cross-platform app development
  • Extensive responsive design work using HTML, CSS & JavaScript libraries.
  • Effective and seamless integration of back-end services via RESTful, APIs, SDKs and cloud services.
  • Mobile solutions for social media, analytics, User management, User login/ sign-in; real-time, offline, application logic; and use-case specific functionality and management
  • Development and use of Bots, machine learning, image and video recognition, field applications and remote management for a range of industries

Technical Skills

We provide a sophisticated solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure for faster, reduces cost and enhanced performance. We also provide end-to-end test automation including Stress Training, Performance Training, Code Reviews, Testnet, Security Audit, Scalability testing, Compliance testing, and Integrity Testing.

Machine Learning Algorithms, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, decision trees, clustering, Reinforcement Learning, and Neural Networks.

SQL, NoSQL, ETL, analysis and visualization.

TensorFlow, Azure ML, Spark, Pytorch, Keras, OpenCV, Caffee, Scikit-learn.

form Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.